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Ewers Utility Service LLC

Mission Statement:

Ewers Utility Service is a full service communications contractor Proficient in Ariel, buried and underground outside plant construction. Our main goal is to perform all work

Safely and as efficient as possible. (SAFETY FIRST).


Placing poles, anchors, strand and lashing any size cable and or inner duct and ADSS.


Plowing, directional boring, trenching cable and or inner duct while taking pride in restoration to keep customer complaints to a minimum.


Ewers utility service has all the safety equipment to do all Man Hole work safely and efficient. 

Our crews have several years of experience and take pride in the work that they do and work very hard to make sure that all  their work is complete, to spec and without defects.


Ewers Utility Service is your

full service Communications Contractor.

Thank You for the opportunity to work with all our customers.

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